Music Programs

Choirs & Musicians

Chancel Choir
The Chancel Choir meets on a weekly basis from August through May each year. Performances are usually scheduled for every other week during the late service but may also include early service for special occasions.

Children’s Choir
A children’s choir meets once a week, usually before adult choir, from August through May. All children from kindergarten age on up are welcome. The choir performs usually during the late service. The choir also occasionally helps lead Bible songs at the beginning of Sunday School.


Bell Choir
Our bell choir practices on a weekly basis from August through May. This group alternates with the adult choir, usually performing at the late service. New members are always welcome and while note reading is helpful, veterans can help train beginners.

Special Music
If you enjoy singing solo or play an instrument and would like to enhance our worship, just speak with the Pastor or staff in the church office.