King of Kings welcomes the use of our beautiful facility with great acoustics.
We rent to both members of the church and to the community.

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Sanctuary1Our beautiful stained-glass adorned sanctuary can be used as a ceremony site for weddings or funerals. It can accommodate 248 people with ample room for handicapped seating.


Weddings: Weddings should be scheduled as far in advance as possible. Church functions have priority over wedding dates. Note: No weddings are performed on major holidays.

Counseling: Couples planning marriage will meet with the pastor.  You do not need to be Lutheran to be married in our church.

The Marriage License: The pastor cannot perform a wedding without a valid Colorado license in hand. For information, contact the Pueblo County Clerk’s office at (719)583-6507.  The license should be brought to the church at the time of rehearsal. The pastor will see that it is properly signed after the ceremony and will return it to the county clerk to be recorded.

Decorations:  The church rents two 7-branch candelabras with dripless candles for a fee of $40.  In order to prevent wax damage to the chancel area, regular wax candles cannot be used.  Aisle runners are not provided by the church.  However, rose petals may be sprinkled down the aisle provided they are silk.

Pew decorations are permitted, however, candles cannot be used on pew decorations; care should be taken to avoid damaging the pews.  The church does provide pew clips (most florists also know what these are). Unity candles can be used during the ceremony.  Birdseed can only be used outside the church.  No kind of confetti is allowed in the Sanctuary or church halls.



Fellowship Hall:

Our recently built fellowship hall can accommodate as many as  239 people with an additional 48 seats available in adjacent rooms.  This additional space can be used in conjunction with the Fellowship Hall or as separate space for dressing rooms, daycare, or private meeting rooms.

Our hall has excellent acoustics along with a sound system, wall mounted screen and built-in stage for DJ’s or small bands. All catering needs, wedding cakes, alcohol (beer and wine) must be provided by the client. However, the church event coordinator must be informed of your contractors and their times of arrival so that the church is open and/or a building monitor is on site for set-ups and deliveries.

Use of the Fellowship Hall kitchen is an additional charge and includes the use of refrigerator, ice maker, ovens/stoves/microwaves for warming food, sinks and counters. NO cooking is allowed in kitchen!  Non-members  and caterers must bring their own pots, pans, utensils, dishes, cups, glassware, dish soap and hand or paper towels.

Proof of insurance or waiver of liability is required for all rentals.

Alcohol:  The sale of alcohol is prohibited on site.  Only beer and wine can be served and must be served by a responsible adult over the age of 21 (the church event coordinator is responsible for hiring the bartender).   ALL ID’s are to be checked.  Bar must be closed one half hour  before end of event.


Security is required any time alcohol is served. The church event coordinator is responsible for hiring security from a licensed, bonded company. One guard per 100 adult guests is required.

Photography: Flash pictures may be taken before the ceremony as the bridal party processes down the center aisle and after the ceremony as the bridal party recesses down the center aisle. Pictures may be taken during the service without flash. Posed formal pictures are usually taken after the ceremony, the time should be prearranged to avoid conflicting with other scheduled events. Video recordings are permitted providing the equipment and technicians remain unobtrusive.


King of Kings Lutheran Church is a drug and smoke free facility.
Smoking is allowed in designated areas outside the building.
Alcohol is permitted per Pueblo city regulations


Want more rental details?
Contact the Event Coordinator, Claudia, 719-250-4239.


Sanctuary Policies/Fees
Service Members Non-Members
Organist Fee:
Wedding Only
Wedding & Rehearsal


Pastor's Fee: $100 $150
Sound Fee: $75 $75
Sanctuary Fee: $100 $400
Damage Deposit: $100 $200
Event Set-Up/Tear Down Fees
Sanctuary Large Hall Large Hall with Sanctuary Small Hall Small Hall with Sanctuary
$55 $130 $160 $65 $115

Youth Activities Hall

We also offer the use of our Youth Activities Hall which can accommodate parties up to 70.  The use of the Youth Hall is governed by the same rules and regulations as the Fellowship Hall.  Use of the adjacent kitchen is an additional cost. The rules governing the Youth Hall Kitchen are the same as the Fellowship Hall Kitchen.

Building Monitors:

There is a Building Monitor fee of $13 per hour that begins at the time of your first arrival and ends after the last person has left the facility.  All events must end by 10:00 pm on weekdays and by 11:30 pm on weekends. The Building Monitor is our representative on duty and is responsible for assisting with all of your needs.



Facility Pricing
Seating Room
239 Fellowship Hall $185.00 $350.00
239 Fellowship Hall
with Kitchen
$260.00 $450.00
48 Adjacent
Fellowship Hall
$35.00 $100.00
70 Youth
$75.00 $150.00
70 Youth Hall
$110.00 $200.00
30 Large Classrooms $35.00 $70.00
15 Small Classrooms $25.00 $45.00
Building Monitor $13/hr $13/hr
Use of Screen $25/day $25/day
Use of Projector and Lap Top $125/day $125/day

Payment of $200 deposit is required to confirm an event reservation in the Hall or Sanctuary.  Full payment of total estimated bill is due thirty (30) days prior to event. Extra charges may be assessed for additional labor, cleaning, repair, replacement and damages incurred as a result of the scheduled function or guests.  If event is canceled at least 60 days prior to the date of the event then client receives full refund.  No refund for cancellations less than 60 days prior to the date of the event.

A 25% Discount is provided when multiple rooms and day/weeks/months are needed.

Church Sponsored Events: No charge – good will donation to cover the cost of utilities and cleaning.

Disclaimer: Pricing, policies, and procedures are subject to change without prior notice.


Funeral/Memorial Service Pricing
Members Non-Members
Sanctuary No Charge $150
Fellowship Hall
with Kitchen
No Charge $450
Set-Up/Clean-Up $50 $120
Pastor Fees $75-$150 $100-$150
Organist Fee $75 $75
Sound Fee $75 $75

The kings of Kings Women of the Evangelical Church of America (WELCA) do not charge for serving the family following a funeral or memorial service as they believe this is a service of Love and part of their ministry to members and non-members of our church. (WELCA) normally serves refreshments in the Fellowship Hall after the service. Morning service are normally provided sandwiches, dessert and beverages. Afternoon services will be provided with dessert and beverages. Financial obligation to the family is by donation, either the actual cost of the food purchased or whatever amount they wish to cover food and drinks costs as well as extra for their services. The range of donations above the cost of refreshments has been $50 to $125.

Fellowship Hall


Available Classrooms