Altar Care


At King of Kings Lutheran Church, as in every church, there are members who care for the accouterments of worship. Members of the Altar Guild are servants of God, his people, the liturgy and the worship space. As such, the tasks of the Altar Guild should be approached with an attitude of joy, privilege and reverence. The altar represents God’s presence. Joy is the natural response to God’s presence. Through this joy, we are enabled to carry out this work with a sense of privilege.

Basic Responsibilities

When serving on the Altar Guild at King of Kings Lutheran Church, you may be asked to complete varied tasks. However, most of the time your work will be focused on preparing Holy
Communion and keeping the altar clean and ready for all worship services. This should include the following:
Altar and Sacramental Linens
Cleaning and pressing all sacramental linens, i.e. fair linens, corporals, and purificators so that they are ready for all services.

Placing the appropriate color paraments for the liturgical day or season on the altar, pulpit and lectern.

Ensuring the flowers are removed from the altar and disposed of according to procedures established.

Checking the candle in the eternal sanctuary light each Saturday morning and the oil in the altar candles weekly.

Candle lighter
Clean the candle lighter once a month replace oil and wicks every week as necessary.

Holy Communion
The Altar Guild’s most important and privileged responsibility at King of Kings Lutheran church. Communion is also known as the Eucharist, the Sacrament of the Altar or the Lord’s Supper. Holy Communion at King of Kings is celebrated ever Sunday.

The basic steps in preparing the alter for Holy Communion are available to those who choose to commit to this important activity

Holy Baptism
It requires checking the bulletin to see if there is a baptism during any of the services and following procedures as established.

The tasks described above are the most basic functions of the Altar Guild. Specific details are available to those who wish to join this ministry group. Contact the church at 719.564.7360 for more information.