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A columbarium is an above-ground structure of vaults, or niches, for cremation remains. Cremation provides a simple, dignified and less expensive alternative to full-body interment. Cremation purifies the remains as a protective health measure. It greatly reduces the space needed for burial, thus, conserving our land. Cremation is not contrary to the teachings of our church and is an increasingly widespread Christian custom. The power to resurrect is in the hands of God, not in the burial formula of humans.Columbarium (6)

We also have a Memorial Garden for scattering of ashes for those who do not wish to have a niche. A Tree of Life is in the Memorial Garden area with a leaf bearing the name of each individual who is scattered there.

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The Columbarium and Memorial Gardens are directed and controlled by the Memorial Committee at King of Kings.

The King of Kings Columbarium is on the outer sanctuary wall in the patio area. The columbarium site makes it possible to fulfill the wishes of some of our parishioners to have their ashes inurned in an appropriate site next to the sanctuary where the great spiritual events of our Christian lives – baptism, confirmation, communion, marriage and the daily worship of God – are celebrated.

The consecrated ground of the Church is a most fitting final resting place for earthly remains. A container with the ashes of the deceased is placed in a niche in the Columbarium. Cremains within a niche are identified with name, date of birth and date of death engraved on the front of each niche. The purchase price of a niche includes perpetual care. The Columbarium is self-funded, not impacting on the King of Kings budget. One-half of the purchase price of a niche will be noted on your contribution statement as a donation.


Niche Price $600
For the permanent placement of
cremated human remains.

  • Memorial Plaque Included
  • Niche Inurnment Included
  • Inurnment Container Included
  • Memorial Garden Price * $100
  • Tree of Life Engraving Included
*These remains are not retrievable


Conditions of Purchase and Use

*At the time of purchase, buyer(s) will designate the person by name whose cremated remains are to be interred in that Niche.

*During their lifetime buyer(s) may, from time to time, change designation of the person whose cremated remains may be interred by giving written notice to the church Memorial Committee and having such notice approved. The right to designate names of persons whose cremated remains may be interred ceases with the death of the buyer(s).

*Except with the written consent of King of Kings Lutheran Church of Pueblo, buyer’s rights may not be assigned, transferred or inherited and shall not be subject to claims of creditors. Buyers’ rights are no longer assignable after interment in the Niche.

*An amount equal to one-half of the purchase price will be considered to be a donation to King of Kings Lutheran Church of Pueblo.

*Human cremated remains are the only remains that may be interred.

*The name and years of birth and death shall be placed on and within the canister, and also on a plaque which will identify the person whose cremated remains are interred. No other information will be displayed on the plaque.

*It is expected that the columbarium will be used primarily by members of King of Kings Lutheran Church of Pueblo and members of their families. There are no restrictions with respect to race or creed as to whose cremains may be interred.

*Depending on the wishes of the family, a religious service may be conducted at the time of interment. If such services are conducted, in addition to the clergy, one other member of King of Kings Church must be present.

*No access to a Niche will be permitted except with the approval and the accompaniment of an official of the Church.

*Interred cremains may be removed from the Niche only with the written consent of King of Kings Lutheran Church of Pueblo and of the buyer and the spouse of the person interred. If neither the buyer(s) or their spouse are living, a pre-appointed representative or a next of kin of the person interred may remove the cremains by issuing a receipt to the church, indemnifying the church against all liability. No refunds are granted under any circumstances.

*If buyer has not been interred in the Niche within five (5) years after their death, the property will revert back to King of Kings Lutheran Church of Pueblo.

*The right of buyer(s) to use a Niche shall cease if the present church property is no longer owned by King of Kings Lutheran Church of Pueblo, or if the church edifice is demolished by any reason. The church will take every reasonable precaution to protect the cremains inurned in the Columbarium, but assumes no liability for causes beyond its control. In the event of the termination of such rights all interred cremains may be removed. If, after reasonable notice, such cremains are not removed by representatives of the interred, King of Kings shall have the right to remove and dispose of cremains in such a manner as is considered to be proper. If this should occur, no right in the Niche shall exist with the buyer(s) and the property shall revert to King of Kings Lutheran Church of Pueblo.